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How a Fiancé(e) Visa Differs From a Marriage Visa

When it comes to bringing your foreign partner to the United States, it’s important to understand the differences between a fiancé(e) visa and a marriage visa. Here are the key distinctions between the two: Fiancé(e) Visa (K-1 Visa): Intended for individuals who are engaged to a U.S. citizen. Allows the foreign fiancé(e) to enter the … Read More

Why are visas commonly denied? 4 Key tips to avoid visa denial

Visa denials can be frustrating and disheartening. Understanding the common reasons for denials can help you avoid them. Here is one of the most common reasons for visa denials and how to prevent it: Missing or Inadequate Supporting Documentation One of the leading causes of visa denials is the lack of or insufficient supporting documentation. … Read More

5 Tips to Help Avoid Getting Your Immigration Case REJECTED

Are you planning to apply for an immigration case? Avoiding rejection is crucial to ensure a smooth process. Here are five tips to increase your chances of success: 1. Seek Professional Guidance: Consulting an experienced immigration attorney, like Hughes Law Group, can provide valuable insights and ensure you meet all the necessary requirements. 2. Organize … Read More


June 15, 2022 marked the 10 year anniversary for the program implemented by President Obama in 2012. While there have been victories and setbacks, DACA has changed the lives of approximately 825,000 individuals living in the United States. Current State of DACA Due to ongoing litigation, DACA has had several starts and stops since its … Read More


Recently the Biden Administration released an important Memo entitled “Interim Guidance to OPLA Attorneys Regarding Civil Immigration Enforcement and Removal Policies and Priorities”  This memo encourages Government (ICE or OPLA) attorneys to prioritize cases for removal or deportation and provides numerous ways for the Government to show leniency to a person in deportation proceedings. This … Read More

USCIS Increases Fees for Certain Applications

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is facing the reality of financial crisis.  USCIS, through a spokesperson, relayed to the United States Government that it would need $1.2 billion in the form of a cash bailout to continue operations. In addition to furloughs, the agency announced that … Read More

Executive Order Update

President trump signed an executive order Wednesday, April 22, 2020 which temporarily suspends immigration into the United States for 60 days.  The stated goal of the measure is to protect the American job market. Understandably, this has caused a lot of stress and concern during a time that has already been challenging due to the … Read More

New Ninth Circuit Decision Affects TPS holders

Can TPS holders become permanent residents? It just became a lot easier for those who reside in the Ninth Circuit. Temporary Protected Status is a designation for nationals of El Salvador, Honduras, Haiti, and other countries.  Many people who qualify for TPS entered the United States without inspection. Typically, a person must be “admitted and … Read More

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