5 Tips to Help Avoid Getting Your Immigration Case REJECTED

Are you planning to apply for an immigration case? Avoiding rejection is crucial to ensure a smooth process. Here are five tips to increase your chances of success: 1. Seek Professional Guidance: Consulting an experienced immigration attorney, like Hughes Law Group, can provide valuable insights and ensure you meet all the necessary requirements. 2. Organize … Read More

New Ninth Circuit Decision Affects TPS holders

Can TPS holders become permanent residents? It just became a lot easier for those who reside in the Ninth Circuit. Temporary Protected Status is a designation for nationals of El Salvador, Honduras, Haiti, and other countries.  Many people who qualify for TPS entered the United States without inspection. Typically, a person must be “admitted and … Read More

The Expansion of the I-601A Provisional Waiver

The Expanded I-601A Waiver The provisional I-601A waiver which came into effect in 2013 allowed for certain applicants to file for the waiver while still in the United States.  The provisional waiver only waives unlawful presence (time spent in the United States without permission) for those subject to the three-year and ten-year bar.  The development … Read More

The U-Visa: An Overview

What is the U-visa? Congress created the U-visa in an effort to encourage undocumented immigrants to report crimes and to feel confident in turning to local law enforcement for help. Being the victim of a crime can be a terrifying experience which may be made worse by threats of deportation if the crime is reported. … Read More

Advance Parole

What is advance parole? Most commonly, advance parole is filed with form I485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or to Adjust Status. This is the form that is filled out to apply for permanent residency or a “green card.” Advance parole allows individuals to travel outside the United States while the form is pending without … Read More

5 Tips for Choosing an Immigration Lawyer in Carson City

If you are looking to hire an immigration lawyer in the Carson City area, there are a few things that you should consider as you go through your selection process. One of the most common questions we get is, “do I need an immigration lawyer at all?” After all, you could save money by attempting … Read More

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