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Find Out How You Can Get Married, Apply for Permanent Residency, & Establish Your Relationship—Without the Stress, Confusion, & Overwhelm

Getting married is always a big deal. But when you’re a U.S. Citizen engaged to a foreign national?? Even seemingly simple details can become enormous hurdles. One mis-step could lead to significant delays and unanticipated costs.

Despite the fact that people of different nationalities get married every single day, the unfortunate fact remains: Immigration laws are convoluted, confusing, and frustrating. For too many couples, the joy of engagement is immediately overshadowed by the stress of legal marriage and obtaining permanent residency.

Whether you’ve been engaged for a few hours or a few months, you likely still have at least a few dozen questions:

What exactly does the process of marrying a foreign national entail?

How can your partner obtain residency?

Can your partner work between your engagement and your marriage?

What steps should you take if your partner doesn’t have documentation?

Are your extenuating circumstances going to impact the process for you?

How can your partner become a permanent resident as soon as possible?

In other words, you’re probably wondering: “Where do I even start?”

Take a deep breath. Marrying a foreign national doesn’t have to mean months (or even years!) of headaches. Nor does it necessarily require nerve-wracking back-and-forths with immigration.

I’ve been working with couples just like you for over a decade, and I’m here to offer some reassurance: You CAN approach this pivotal season of your life with expert counsel, confidence, and clarity.

The Expert Guidance & Legal Counsel You’ve Been Wishing For

My name is Cristina Hughes—I’m an attorney who practices immigration law exclusively and founder of Hughes Law Group PC.

My law firm is dedicated exclusively to immigration law matters. We continuously monitor developments in immigration law to stay at the forefront of this complicated and intricate section of the law. Our focus is on providing high quality legal services and outstanding client support as we work with clients to achieve their goals and dreams.

The granddaughter of Italian immigrants and an avid international traveler, I’m passionate about making immigration law accessible for couples who recognize that love has no borders. I believe that you have a right to a stress-free, seamless marriage, and that the process of applying for your/your partner’s residency doesn’t have to be the nightmare that it can be when you go it alone.

The First Step Is Recognizing That You Need Help.

Don’t worry—you’re not the only one who feels totally lost when you look at the USCIS website. If your head spins and you think all the forms are written in gibberish, you’re perfectly normal.

I went to law school, passed the Bar, and have spent the last 10 years working in immigration law . . . and even I can admit that the process of applying for residency is intricate, to say the least.

Sometimes clients come to me where they didn’t understand these things completely and it turned out their application was rejected or they received a request for more evidence. Either of those will significantly slow down a case and can add unnecessary costs. I can help you to make sure that your process is submitted completely to avoid any unnecessary delays with requests for evidence or outright rejections.

You Can Access the Support You Need Right Now . . . Without Waiting Until Burnout & Frustration Have Created Unnecessary Stress For You and Your Partner.

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Tell me your most pressing goals and concerns.

Every relationship is unique, and so is every immigration situation. On our strategy call, you’ll have the chance to share your specific goals and concerns


Shine a light on the path forward.

After hearing the details of your circumstances, I’ll provide insight about what options may be possible for you. You’ll gain clarity about whether you will be best served by working with our firm.


Take Action.

We will identify the next action steps whether that is traveling to get married, obtaining you or your partner’s previous immigration history, or setting up a full consultation with you and your partner present to go over all of the details of the process.

Immigration Issues Can Feel Isolating—But You Are Not Alone.

Check Out These Success Stories to See How You Can Benefit From Having Us On Your Team

Mr. L – a United Sates citizen came to our office after traveling to the Philippines to meet his fiance. After spending weeks together, he knew she was the one. We helped him to apply for a fiance visa for her. To minimize some of the time apart, he returned to the Philippines towards the end of processing and we were able to coordinate all documents and full support even while he was overseas. The visa was approved and he hand his wife flew back to the United States. Once they were married in the US, we were able to help Mrs. L obtain her green card in less than one year! With the immigration piece out of the way, The couple is now happily planning their next steps.

Client success permanent residency

Ms. M – a Mexican citizen came to the United States as a young child. She was a DACA recipient for many years. She initially came to our office because she was married to a US Citizen and wanted to see what her options were for residency. Through a thorough review, we were able to determine that her aunt had applied for her father prior to April 30, 2001. We submitted multiple requests for those files from USCIS in the form of FOIA requests. Finally, we found proof that the old petition was valid and approvable when filed. Because we uncovered the old petition, Ms. M was able become a permanent resident without leaving the United States. She maintained her employment without interruption and remained with her husband throughout the process.

Mr. K – from Scotland came to the United States in 2016 to visit his fiance. They had planned on the fiance visa process however after a few months with the love of his life, the couple decided that they couldn’t stand to be apart. They changed their plans and were married in 2017. We assisted them in obtaining his green card here in the United States to avoid a lengthy separation. Two years later, we applied to remove the conditions on his green card. He and his wife recently purchased a home together in the United States and are enjoying the life they have built for themselves.

10 Things You MUST Know
If You’re Marrying a Foreign National & Applying For Their Residency

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Conditions you need for your partner to be able to stay in the U.S. while applying for residency

How immigration law works for same-sex couples

Important steps to take if your partner entered the U.S. without documents

The ins and outs of obtaining permanent residency as soon as possible

What you need to know about establishing your relationship as legitimate in the eyes of immigration

. . . and so much more!

Having practiced immigration law for over a decade now, I have the expertise and experience to answer your most burning questions about the process of marrying a foreign national and applying for her/his residency.

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10 Things You MUST Know If You’re Marrying a Foreign National & Applying For Their ResidencyGrab my FREE guide and instantly get answers to the TOP 10 most common questions I hear from couples in your shoes.

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